Tuesday, January 24


Modern Agriculture - Managing Consumer Expectations and Misconceptions

Trevor Carlson, consumer and retail specialist and consultant, Saskatoon, SK   PDF of presentation


Manage Your Forage – Tips for Producers

Dr. Paul Jefferson, former Vice-President of Operations, WBDC

PDF of presentation


Promoting C-sequestratian with Grazing Management

Dr. Alan D. Iwaasa, Grazing Management/Ruminant Nutrition Research Scientist at the Swift Current Research and Development Centre.


Best Barley Varieties for Silage

Dr. John McKinnon, Ph.D., Professor and Beef Chair, Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  PDF of presentation


Silage Variety Selection - Hits and Misses

Stuart Thiessen  PDF of presentation


Nasal Vaccinations for Beef Cattle

Dr. Philip Griebel, Research Fellow at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO-Intervac) and Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Saskatchewan.

PDF of presentation


Antimicrobial Use in Cow-Calf Herds

Dr. Cheryl Waldner, Professor in Large Animal Clinical Sciences at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.


Effective Disease Management Strategies

Dr. Craig Dorin Adjunct Clinical Instructor with the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Vice Chair of Board of Directors for Prairie Diagnostic Services, Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  PDF of presentation


Effective Disease Management Strategies

 Dr. Bart Lardner, is an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Animal and Poultry Science and research scientist with the Western Beef Development Centre.  PDF of presentation


How Many Calves do your Bulls Produce

Stacey Domolewski is currently working on her MSc. from the University of Saskatchewan and is the Science and Extension Coordinator with the Beef Cattle Research Council.

PDF of presentation


Managing Reproductive Efficiency

Karmen & Jason McNabb run a 450-head cow/calf and backgrounding operation, and dryland grain farm in the Cypress Hills.


Cattle Market Outlook

Ethan Oberst, market analyst with CattleFax. PDF of presentation


Marketing Bear Pit Session

Volatile markets and consumer trends require exceptional marketing strategies. Key members of the beef chain will discuss areas of focus that have delivered wins for their businesses.

Moderator Jodie Griffin, Program Co-ordinator, Western Livestock Price Insurance Program

Patrick Hays, cattle producer from Val Marie, SK

Stirling Fox, JBS Food Canada

Trevor Carlson, marketing professional, Saskatoon, SK

Ethan Oberst, CattleFax


Ministry of Agriculture Update

Rick Burton, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Agriculture

Wednesday, January 25


Tolerance of Beef Cattle to Ergot Alkaloids

Dr. Jaswant Singh is Professor in the Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan.

PDF of presentation


Toe-Tip Necrosis in Beef Cattle

Dr. Murray Jelinski, veterinarian, researcher and author.

PDF of presentation


Prevalence & Impact of Parasites on Beef Cattle Production

Fabienne Uehlinger, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. PDF of presentation


Cost Effective Replacement Heifers

Kathy Larson, Research Economist, Western Beef Development Centre.  PDF of presentation


Update from the Beef Cattle Research Council

Andrea Brocklebank, Executive Director, Beef Cattle Research Council.  PDF of presentation


Update from the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Dennis Laycroft, President, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

PDF of presentation


Competitive Cuts – a Meat Cutting Demonstration by Two of Canada Beef’s Top Chefs

Abe Van Melle and Jonathon Cummings

PDF of presentation


Denying the Climate Catastrophe - the Lukewarmer Middle Ground

Warren Meyer, self-proclaimed climate skeptic, author and speaker on business, political and issues, from Phoenix, Arizona. Author of coyoteblog.com.  PDF of presentation


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